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With the 84th Legislative Session now closed, we’re happy to report two significant wins for Texas consumers.

Most importantly, SB1628, the so-called “Insurance Immunity Act” which I blawged about here and here, was (thankfully) defeated.

Additionally, in response to Williams v. Texas West Oaks Hosp., the Legislature narrowed the definition of a “healthcare liability claim” subject to the stringent medical malpractice requirements. The bill essentially overrules the West Oaks opinion. This comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision narrowing the scope of healthcare liability claims I discussed here and puts to rest the age-old question of whether cattle qualify as “healthcare providers” for the purposes of the Texas Medical Liability Act, which I discussed here. Holy cow!

In related news, open-carry and campus-carry bills passed and are headed for signature. Seems ironic in the wake of recent events, but unsurprising nonetheless.

We’ll see what the 85th Session has in store for us…